Seattle Roofing Contractors

Low-Pitch and Flat Roofs

Flat roof repair and re-roofing is a different process from any other type of roof. As the rain doesn't run down the side of a flat roof, these have to have a much better seal covering the entire roof. Laying down a layer of hot tar is a superb way to create the seal needed to keep you dry during the rainy season.

Fields® roofing and waterproofing products are designed for maximum performance. Their RubrMastic™ weatherproofing product is superb for sealing nail hole leaks, flashing leaks, and sealing cracks.

PVC membrane is a roof membrane composed of only one layer of material, polyvinyl chloride. PVC roofs are specially designed to withstand ponding water- PVC membrane is welded together with hot air (no open flame) to eliminate all seams so moisture can not pass through.

Torchdown also referred to as “single-ply” roofing, torchdown roofing is a flame activated bitumen-backed membrane installed over a fiberglass base sheet. Torchdown is available in smooth and granulated.

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